Berlin, Sophiensæle, November 19th – 21st 2015
Düsseldorf, FFT, May 4th – 5th, 2016
Hamburg, Kampnagel, November 26th, 2016, at 7.30 PM


“Really Useful Theater“ is a series of thematic weekends that critically address the utility and weaknesses of theater for life. In Germany, theater is subsidized; society makes theater possible through a system of pre-financing, which offers its agents a relatively great level of freedom in realizing their work. But who decides on the allocation of these funds? What criteria come into play? Is this over 200-year-old system still legitimate? Do theaters have to be more responsive to the current state of affairs in politics and serve more like social workers, as funding institutions proport with their funding schemes? Or is that the end of art? The discussion, polarized between the concepts of the “freedom of art“ and the “utility of art,“ has a tendency to to reach heightened levels. We frame it and let it play out onstage at three different theaters. At sophiensæle Berlin, FFT Dusseldorf and Kampnagel Hamburg, artists come equipped with performative statements for our arena of conflict; we host lectures and open the space to curatorial statements in response to the question of the usefulness of theater. All of the contributions we’ve collected thus far can be found on our website as both videos and audio recordings.