2020 was marked by lockdown. Apparatus moved to the countryside and practiced healing rituals with mushrooms.




Walking between trees and plants, surrounded by animals, we may create a drawing, perhaps a landscape will be created by playing with the ground. We may inadvertently put on a show for trees when we walk through forests. In any case, we are perceived by more-than-human bodies, they react to our presence and change the rules with different bodies in this game. This is the experience that Stefanie Wenner has had so far on her travels. Three years and one day marks the duration of their journey as an apprentice of the soil, in search of other economies, on the trail of human and more than human creations with the land, in, on and from which we live. A first stage led from northeast Brandenburg to Dresden and then on to Leipzig. There a first map of this wandering was created, the FERMATE, the break she takes to follow Gertrude Stein's call that I should unfold theatre like a landscape through which we walk. Following this call, she found herself as an actor of landscape play.



Counting with Earth


Human bodies are - like stones, iron, trees and animals - part of the great body of the earth. The water, which is perhaps closest as a divided element, also connects us to a celestial body, the moon. Materials such as titanium, which we incorporate into human bodies, are found both in the earth and in meteorites, i.e. also in extraterrestrial bodies. Although this deep interdependence is constantly visible to us, it is rarely taken into account in economies of production. We count on the earth, but do not count on it. The project began at the robotron canteen at the invitation of the Kunsthaus Dresden with students of the HfBK Dresden. It will be continued as artistic research with earth and plant ferns as choreography in public space.