Berlin, Heizhaus Uferstudios, 17. May – 5. July 2014
Düsseldorf, FFT, 8. – 16. May 2015


Mycorrhiza is the world’s largest network. Comprised of subterranean fungal threads, mycorrhiza doesn’t only guarantee the life of plants, it also organizes large parts of their communication. These new findings on the communicative symbiosis between fungus and plants amount to a small medial sensation; our notion of passive plants and active mammals proves to be an illusion. Illusions, however, are constants in our perception that are vital to our ability to discern and to participate in different societal spheres. “MYKORRHIZA: EIN APPARAT“ was apparatus’ first system built toward a new materialistic theater, inspired by the philosophy of ’New Materialism.’ Since then, they continue to employ this philosophy in different configurations and settings. For seven weeks, a group of artists worked amidst the fungus, populated it with art and life and left their traces along the way. Mycelium grew secretly and visibly produced fruiting bodies. Guests were invited to performances, theater, dance and discourse, to Open Sunday sessions, N.K. Projekt hosted Musical Thursdays and the Spores Bar served vegan mushroom dishes, refreshments and snacks.