Berlin, Heizhaus Uferstudios, 30. May – 11. July 2015


Rijeka / Kroatien, Zoom Festival / drugo more, 15. September 2015

Hamburg, Kampnagel, 28. – 30. January 2016

Malmö / Schweden, Inkonst, 4. – 6. February 2016

We have a problem with things. Our culture produces too much and in ways that incite such radical changes that we have to be fearful for our existence on earth. We need to radically change the way we think so that it reflects matter in a new way: not as a passive object, but as an active agent. As part of a configuration of human and non-human agents that together go beyond merely describing reality but serve to produce it. To that end, the temporary collective formed by “DRECK“ took part in a six-week long residency in the Heizhaus at Uferstudios in Berlin and accumulated material. From concerts to leftover dinners, readings from the “Deck of Dust,” films and showings, performances emerged that have now lead a life of their own and go on tour both individually and in combination with one another.


Opening Speech DRECK: EIN APPARAT | Inkonst Malmö, Schweden

I am very happy to be able to welcome you here in Malmö, our last stop on our tour with DRECK: EIN APPARAT. We have now spent almost a year together working on this project. Who is “we?” First of all, “we” is Thorsten Eibeler, the creator of this space and the person with whom I, under the label apparatus, imagine ways of creating better depictions of reality. Then, “we” is Björn Pätz, who, as production manager, holds this thing together. We is also his assistant Joseph Wegmann and is Almut Pape, who did not come to Malmö, since she is now involved in other projects...

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