Matter is neither passive nor silent. So with noise, we dedicate ourselves to the sound and resonance of matter. This apparatus was developed together with e x t a n t a t i o n in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Noise doesn’t interest us primarily as a musical form, but as a method we can translate onto dance, theory and performance. Having emerged at the end of the 1970’s, noise in music dealt with a disruption in the relationship between sender and receiver. In that sense, one definition of noise would be: “A noise is a signal the sender does not want to transmit.” Our journey begins with a residency at e x t a n t a t i o n and continues on this summer at Impulstanz in Vienna.

By and with Thorsten Eibeler, Thanisha Fah, Colin Hacklander, Farahnaz Hatam, Shian Law, Sarah Mikolai, Baly Nguyen, Ayu Permata, Tara Transitory, Stefanie Wenner